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The Emmental cheese dairy combines traditional and modern aspects of cheese production in the Emmental.

You can visit four cheese dairies from different epochs, all within walking distance of one another: the Küherstock from the year 1741, where cheese can still be made today over an open fire, the Feuerwagen cheese dairy dating back to 1900, the village cheese dairy from 1954, and the modern cheese dairy with its new production facilities.

The Küherstock, also known as Stöckli (residential building), was built in 1741. Here, visitors to the Emmental open cheese dairy can get a glimpse of what it was like to make cheese in the Emmental in the 18th century.
Just as in Gotthelf's time, cheese is produced over an open fire.
If you'd like some hands-on experience of making cheese, then you can book a cheese-making session. You'll be guided to produce your own cheese.

The main building of the Emmental open cheese dairy houses the modern production facilities where the famous Emmentaler AOC is made.
Visitors can watch the production through a large window, while listening to information about the modern cheese making process through earphones.
A selection of cheese varieties and Emmental products are available in the dairy shop.

Here at the Emmental open cheese dairy, you'll also find the so-called 'fiery chariot' (Feuerwagen) cheese dairy, dating back to 1900.
Today it houses a bakery and pastry shop where you can buy Emmental delicacies. Souvenirs and gifts can be purchased next door.

Visitors can try out a variety of Emmental specialities and cheese dishes in the neighbouring restaurant. The spacious garden terrace with large children's playground offers guests the chance to enjoy typical Emmental hospitality, and to relax in peace, contemplating the beautiful landscape of the Emmental.

The open cheese dairy offers a rich and varied programme of activities. As well as cheese making, it also offers a tour through the history of agriculture in the Emmental. Whatever you choose to do, you'll enjoy an eventful day at the open cheese dairy.