Emmentaler Switzerland


The king of the Swiss cheese

This world-famous cheese takes its name from the valley of the river Emme, in the canton of Bern.
Cheese production in the Emmental can be traced back to the 13th century. Emmentaler AOC is produced by around 200 cheese dairies, from the fresh and untreated milk of cows fed on grass and hay, but never silage. Around 12 litres of milk are needed to produce one kilo of cheese. Genetically modified ingredients and any additives are forbidden.

Its feature - the holes

The round wheels of cheese have a diameter of 80 to 100 cm, and weigh in at 75 to 120 kg. Tradition, size and outstanding quality all serve to make Emmentaler AOC the world's undisputed 'king of cheese'.
Emmentaler AOC is available in different stages of maturity, for every culinary purpose and taste. From the nutty, mild 'classic' (matured for at least 4 months), to the distinctly spicy 'réserve' (matured for at least 8 months), and through to the very aromatic 'cave-matured' Emmental (matured for a minimum of one year). 

The Emmental cheese is usually enjoyed cold, in blocks or slices, although it is also a tasty ingredient in hot dishes.

The typical feature of Emmental AOC is its holes that develop during the ripening process – some small as a cherry, others large as a nut.